The 8 Essential Drivers for Well-being and Engagement at work

Zoios is intelligently designed to map the 8 essential drivers for well-being and engagement at work. But why and how did we get there?
Christian Højbo Møller
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One example of an essential need is support.

Everyone needs support – both professionally and in one’s personal life. However, how much support do you need? Who should provide it? Does it need to be your manager, or could it be your colleagues? Are we, ourselves, responsible for the support we get? Is supporting others a small or big part of the company culture?

You should not expect to get all the answers to all these questions every single month, for all your offices, teams, personality types and age groups. That is not possible.

It is not possible because employees have a survey tolerance.

Good design, intuitive flows and timely reminders do increase the response rate, but there is still a limit to what one can expect of one’s employees.

At Zoios we send out 11 questions that take less than 2 minutes to respond to once a month.

Zoios is intelligently designed to map the 8 essential drivers for well-being and engagement at work.

The 8 essential drivers

The perfect setup is about evaluating and mapping the drivers that are upstream (comes before) engagement and well-being at work. But at the same time, we want the drivers to be actionable so that we can realistically work with them.

That is why we, at Zoios, have developed a framework with 8 essential drivers:

  • Contribution
  • Development
  • Social
  • Recognition
  • Support
  • Mindful
  • Balance
  • Optimism

We can evaluate how we perform across these 8 drivers, but we can also explain (through advanced statistics) which of the 8 drivers has the biggest impact on engagement in that particular team, age group or division.

That is cool! And it works like magic.

Every month these insights are converted into initiatives like better onboarding, more social events for young talents, feedback to managers regarding their team’s needs and feedback to management about vision and optimism in the organization.

Every month.

Understand each of the drivers

In addition to specifying how the company, a specific country or team scores on each of these drivers, we can also specify which are most important for that particular group of employees in your organization.

That is crucial!

Your developer team might not need as many social stimuli as your sales reps or marketing specialists. It is also not certain that your new hires need as much work-life balance in the beginning as they want later on.

On the contrary. It is 100% certain that there is a difference in what is important to employees in different companies and employee groups.

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