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We are looking for a Student Product Designer to join our Product team.

Are you passionate about design, nerdy about user experience, and love being creative in the digital universe? Then it is very likely that you are the one we are searching for. 🔦

Office location: Rådhusstræde 6, 1466 København.

Start date: Asap or September 1st, 2023

Deadline: We will look at applications on a rolling basis, but last day to apply is August 20th, 2023.

If you can recognise yourself in the following, we really hope you will and encourage you to read on.

  • You find yourself coming up with a lot of ideas or ways to improve existing elements. You see how things connect and new perspectives come to you naturally. You enjoy finding a fresh perspective, discovering a new opportunity, or finding a different solution. By the people around you, you are generally perceived as creative and an original thinker.
  • You are a great communicator and enjoy expressing yourself, you might have found yourself capturing people's attention by speaking, hosting, explaining and/or writing. You play with metaphors and image when you explain concepts or stories - to give them excitement and energy.

If you can also see yourself in the below bullets, it is highly likely that you will thrive in the role and do amazing work.

  • A blank canvas does not frighten you, but instead gives you a feeling of opportunity and excitement. You love to get work done and move on to a new project, but at the same time ideas for improving existing work naturally comes to you.
  • You are a curious individual that loves the process of collecting new information and knowledge - and you are good at it. You are driven by understanding things and new topics.
  • You look ahead and find yourself asking questions like "Wouldn't it be great if..". You have a good intuition to see how different things can coming together in the future and are often positive about this.

Your projects and tasks as a Student Product Designer.

  • Product design & Wireframing: You will be running with product designs. Designing elements, wireframe and screens in Figma. You will work closely with the product manager on user stories and concepts and run iterations until they are ready to be shipped for implementation by the developers.
  • User Research (UR): As new ideas, concepts and use cases are captured, we need to do a great job understanding the users behaviour, pains and gains, daily workflows and ultimately conclude on needs. You will be running these user research projects and contribute to the approach we use to do these, interviews, screen recordings etc. You are tasked with doing the research, collecting information and analysing it with the purpose of scoping the solution that will solve the users problems, or improve their experience.
  • User experience (UX): During the process from the birth of an idea, to releasing a feature in the platform, we have feedback loops with customers, focused on the need, the UX and usability. You will be tasked with facilitating the collection of this feedback and communicating the insights to iterate on the feature.
  • User interface (UI): There will also be opportunities for projects related to typography, colour schemes and design systems and animation.

It is an advantage if you have some experience (and/or education) related to one or more of the following: 

  • Figma
  • User research
  • Design systems

About Zoios: 

Zoios was founded in February of 2021 with the vision of uniting employee well-being and happiness with business performance. By empowering companies with real-time insights on what drives well-being we enable them to make rightful actions creating a better everyday for the employee and the bottom line of the business - a true win-win 🏆. In May 2021, Zoios was accepted into Y Combinators Summer 2021 Batch and has since expanded internationally.

The Product team:

You will become a part of a dedicated and passionate Product team, consisting of the Product Manager (PM) and two brilliant Software Engineers. You will be working closely with the PM, around the Design, UR, UI and UX, as well as collaborate with the Software Engineers around the specs and iterations. We will make sure you have the necessary guidance and conditions you need to do great, with that you will have a lot of freedom to be creative, take responsibility and test yourself.