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Pernille Bastholm

" As an agency, the core of our business is our people. Zoios has been our organizational compass. It helps us navigate by delivering reports, analyses, insights, or ideas for all our management meetings. "

Pernille Bastholm
HR & Operations Lead


Our business is our people.

" As an agency, the core of our business is our people.

We got to a size where we had to admit that we could not possibly know how everyone was feeling about their job all the time.

At that time, I became the first full-time person in our HR & Operations team. Normally it would have taken a long time to properly diagnose each team and identify the best paths forward. "

Helped us identify the best path forward.

" Zoios' People Analytics has helped us identify all the things that we do extremely well at Grafikr. It has also helped us be confident in times where there are no pressing issues.

But Zoios has also been the compass we need to tell us when we are off course - when we need to change something or be aware of challenges in our organization. "

Best well-being and eNPS of all time.

" People Analytics has become an ingrained part of our way of working.

We utilize the reports, insights, analyses, and ideas that we get from Zoios every month at our management meeting. In hindsight, it can be hard to understand how we managed in the past.

Challenges don't appear every month (luckily). But when they occur we have learned that discussing the insight, the challenge, and the root cause helps us find a solution that works for us.

We have just experienced our all-time best level of well-being and eNPS. So it is safe to say that things are going great in Grafikr. "

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