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Anita Baun Hørdum

" We do not have a formal hierarchy and the analyzes prove that our employees really thrive in that. But Zoios has still really helped us identify the areas where we can, and should, strive to improve. "

Anita Baun Hørdum
Partner and Head of HR

LEAD Agency

Hard to know if our culture works.

"We organize differently than most companies. In LEAD Agency, we don't have formal bosses or superiors. Instead, each team has both a person in charge of professional development and -support, as well as, a person who takes lead on the well-being and social factor in the team.

Does that model work? Which teams struggle with processes that our way of organizing requires? Do our employees thrive in it? Now we know."

360° overview of strengths and weaknesses.

"Zoios has given us a 360° overview of our people's engagement, well-being, stress, and net promoter score.

We can follow the trajectory of each department and team to understand exactly where we need to improve.

The beauty is that although the analytics is simple and intuitive, we can see exactly which driver (challenges) we need to work on for each segment of the company.

Lastly, the advice you get during the regular advisory meetings adds incredible value. Their advisors invest a lot of time and effort to ensure data is understand, transformed into insights and actions that makes a difference."

Become proactive and reduced stress by 14%.

"By acting on the insights we got and get, we have managed to reduce stress levels by 14%. More importantly, we are more proactive and aware than ever.

We used to navigate more on gut-feeling but now it is super transparent in the data where our strengths and weaknesses lie."

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