Build the plan for your needs.

Different companies have different needs. We get that. See pricing estimations.


per employee
per month
Measure well-being, stress
and eNPS (100% automatic).
Track all 8 essential drivers.
Competitor benchmarking.
Collect comments.


per employee
per month
Give all managers access.
Unlimited segmentation.
Track and measure initiatives.
Proactive stress alert.


per employee
per month
Employer value tracking.
Onboarding analysis.
Exit and leaver insights.
Churn predictions.
Up to 50 employees.


per company
per month
Monthly call w. an advisor
100% automatic surveys
Instant access to analyses
Stress notification alerts
Add managers to teams
Track effect of initiatives
Onboarding and exit
reason survey and analysis
For 50 to 500 employees.


per employee
per month
... Everything from Growth
Blend engagement
with personality data
Predict employee turnover
Custom deep dive surveys
For 500+ employees.


per employee
per month
... Everything from Pro
Send out 360° reviews
Leadership evaluations
Monthly webinars
for new managers
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Retaining employees is good business.

Recruiting new employees is very important, but remember to invest in keeping the ones you already have. Save your time... and your money.

Activities you need to replace an employee
Average cost
Time and cost of recruiting a knowledge-worker employee
$2.800 - $9.700
50% productivity in the first 6 months as he/she gets up to speed
$25.000 - $75.000
Resources poured into onboarding and training
$2.400 - $7.200
$30.200 - $91.900

You get everything you need.

You get a personal advisor.
You get a dedicated specialist who helps you understand the data, gather insights, share best practices, design initiatives to improve and track the effects.
Let go. It is 100% automatic.
You save a lot of time because your surveys are finally automated. The 11 questions work intelligently to provide you with timely reports and insights.
You get instant access!
You probably want to abandon your spreadsheets and just have instant access to your insights. That is exactly what you get with our real-time dashboards.
Share data in 1 click.
We know the feeling. Time is limited and you cannot do everything. We have made it easy to give department heads or managers access to their teams.
Get notified of high stress.
We have a 24/7 monitoring system scanning for symptoms of stress. In case an employee has "high stress" levels we have a notification and consent framework to facilitate help.
Track your people initiatives.
HR, People, Culture and Ops creates tremendous value but it is rarely documented. Zoios can track the effect and prove your immense worth to the employees and company.
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Take 20 days off... and get better data.

Don't waste your money on unreliable analytics. Don't measure engagement just once a year. Don't run analysis in Excel. Start your free trial today.

Your teams' current activity
Average time
Yearly survey to the organization including build the survey, sending it out, reminding employees, collecting the data, anonymizing it and adding basic segmentation
5 days / year
Analyzing the data in Excel. Much effort is spend to design beautiful charts and identifying insights. Segmentation and statistical work could be better.
7 days / year
Building the strategy and actions that can improve the employee situation. Producing PDFs, PowerPoints and sharing insights with leaders and managers.
9 days / year
> 20 days / year

All your doubts, answered.

If you're have questions or are considering People Analytics for the first time, do not worry. We've got answers for your questions.
How long does it take to get started?

The short answer is a few hours but it depends on the size of your organization. Most companies with 50 employees are up and running in an hour whereas it takes a bit longer if you have a 500 employees we need to bulk-import.

When is the right time to begin measuring more?

Usually yesterday. Most companies regret not beginning earlier once they start. The insights are super valuable for creating a world class workplace, and will help you navigate employee well-being, engagement, stress and building out your employer branding.

How do I know if the questions are right for my company?

The framework of questions we ask has been tried and tested across many industries, sectors, nationalities and countries. Is it perfect? That's hard to say. But we have tested a number of alternative questions and nothing has come close to providing as much value (in terms of statistical variance explained).

Do I a get personal specialist to advise us on data and strategy?

Yes. You get your own certified advisor. Together you assess the strengths and challenges of your organization every month. Your advisor can help you understand the data, get up to speed, share advice and best practices from your industry recommend initiatives and next steps.

Can I see the platform live before deciding anything?

Of course. You are more than welcome to take the platform for a quick spin with demo data before deciding on anything. Furthermore, our team of certified advisors are ready to help you evaluate if Zoios is the right solution for your needs.

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