Boost performance

Enhance your team's productivity and results.

Thriving and happy people are not only great because we think that work should be a joy. Thriving people are also productive employees; we help you create both.

Insights for leaders

Empower your leaders with real-time well-being insights.

Empower your leaders to become exceptional people leaders and lead a thriving and productive team. By focusing on the leaders, we create a positive impact that extends to the entire team.

use every strength

Form the perfect team and leverage each member's strengths.

Gain deep insights into your team's unique skill set, identify competency gaps, and build the perfect team with ease.

"If you are working with staff and want to know what to do and what not to do from onboarding to exit of staff, this is the tool! Zoios makes data actionable. I love it!"

David Jansson.
COO @ Wordpay.
Better 1:1s

Let managers track goals and agreements during 1:1s.

Our platform simplifies goal-setting and tracking for managers and employees while ensuring GDPR compliance. With our user-friendly solution, managers can set and track goals with ease, promoting collaboration and productivity.

Kickstart the onboarding

Learn how you can speed up the onboarding phase.

Gain valuable insights into your onboarding process to enhance your employees' experience and accelerate their proficiency. Achieve a seamless transition into your team with the right onboarding strategy.

360 degree review

Utilize our platform to develop your people.

When your people thrive, they can grow and excel. Our platform empowers you to provide support to your employees.

See how we help you set the right team.

Click through the platform and see how it really works.

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“We suddenly save 4-5 hours of work every month. Plus, we get far better data! For me, it means more time to focus on actually improving well-being based on the insights we get.”

Casper Ackermann.
CEO & Co-founder @ Ackermann.

"You have a monthly advisory session with your personal consultant... which works like a sanity check. It empowers you to give executive management the right advice. The other platforms don't have that..."

Amy Gallagher Dahl.
Head of People & Culture @ Donkey Republic.

"At Goodiebox, it is an absolute given that the leaders use Zoios. Because we will never reach the potential of the company or our employees if the employees do not feel engaged, empowered, and trusted."

Rasmus Schmiegelow.
CEO & Co-founder @ Goodiebox

"At SustainX, our culture statement is 'We take care of ourselves, each other, and the planet.' The order is important, and Zoios is a tool we use to assess whether we are creating the right conditions for everyone to thrive, take care of themselves, and feel good at work."

Tenna Vild Jørgensen.
Head of People & Culture @ SustainX.

"If you are working with staff and want to know what to do and what not to do from onboarding to exit of staff, this is the tool! Zoios makes data actionable. I love it!"

David Jansson
COO @ Wordpay.

"Zoios is a great tool for us as it helps us keep our finger on the pulse. Zoios continually assists us in identifying areas where we can make an extra effort."

Louise Lundgreen
Operations lead @ TEXTA

"We needed an easy way for our employees to give feedback anonymously, a tool to provide us with reports with valuable, actionable information to improve our employees' well-being.

Memo Martiradoni
Recruiter @ Pleaz

"Working with talent 24/7 I see my share of people experience & analytics platforms. Zoios is easier and more intuitive while having the in-depth analyses you need. Once you combine that with personality, like they do, it becomes a very, very powerful people intelligence suite."

Kenneth Bo Jensen.
Talenthacker & Founder @ TalentX.
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Measure and increase engagement like never before.

Assemble the right team with unparalleled ease.

Enable better leaders with data insights and guidance.

Detect stress in time and avoid sick leave.

Boost the Diversity and inclusion agenda.

Goodbye to high turnover rates

Say goodbye to high turnover rates and stop worrying.

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