Partners who share our vision

There are many who share our vision and philosophy. We believe that job satisfaction can be higher in almost any workplace. It will even be a good investment for companies. Because they will be able to retain their talents longer, perform better and recruitment will become much easier. In other words, it is a great business case.

Our philosophy encompasses the interplay between data, dialogue, intuition and expertise to show the way to more well-being and better mental health. Organisations should not act based based on gut feelings and intuition alone, and we should measure the impact of our actions and initiatives.


Document that your work has an impact 

Most consultants and suppliers create great value but struggle to document the impact of their work. With Zoios, you can make some cool impact cases.

    You can finally measure your true impact


You get the most important areas of focus

Justifying explicit actions can be difficult without data and backing.

With Zoios, the key focus areas that will lead to better wellbeing, less stress and more motivation are prioritised - automatically every month.

    Prioritised list of key areas of action
    Keep a continuous dialogue on actions

Become an Official Zoios Partner™

Do you want customers who use Zoios today but could use external help? Another good reason to become an Official Zoios Partner™.

   Get clients referred by us
   Measure impact and make cool cases
   Get actions suggested automatically

Become a Certified Partner

Do you want clients that are using Zoios today but could use an external consultant or agency partner? In order for us to refer our clients to you, you must be a Certified Zoios Partner™.


The first step is to become an Official Zoios Partner. Contact us to initiate dialogue about a partnership.


If you are self-employed you must pass the Zoios Certification. For agencies, at least one specialist must be certified.