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Do you want to become a certified happy workplace?
It's free.

All companies claim to have good well-being and a great culture. Some companies track, monitor, and prove that their workplace is indeed a happy workplace for employees.

We certify those, and we do not charge for them. The companies that qualify for the official certification get the certificate free of charge.


The purpose of our certification is to credit companies that take it seriously to create a great workplace environment. These companies must have the best intentions for employees in the pursuit of building an environment for great well-being. We would like to help potential employees navigate possible workplaces on how well they are doing in terms of well-being and job satisfaction among existing employees.

By creating transparency, we give access to a competitive advantage for companies. Being able to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that employees truly thrive and report high levels of well-being and a good culture. That is a very powerful tool in your communication strategy as a company - both in terms of talent retention and talent attraction.


We evaluate the data over the past 3 months.

✅ Well-being score is greater than 75.
✅ eNPS score is greater than 30.
✅ Maximum 10% report high or very high stress levels.