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Why we do what we do.

The world has never been wealthier than today and it rises every year. But people's happiness has been declining the past years and mental health is increasingly a challenge. Employees are changing jobs like never before and many struggle to find motivation at work as well as in everyday life.

We are in the middle of the Great Resignation. Most companies want to do more and many employees demand it.

To address this problem, we must first understand, and make visible, the challenges that hold organisations and employees back from becoming the best versions of themselves.

Dialogue and conversations are part of the solution. But human intuition cannot and should not stand alone. Data, analytics and automation can all help reveal opportunities for improvement, and serve as the foundation for creating the workplace of tomorrow.

At Zoios we have a mantra.

Produce with purpose and pleasure.

Produce is about creating innovative services and solutions. Experimenting with new features. Launch new concepts. Produce appeals to the creative urge and curiosity that everyone within Zoios has.

Purpose encompasses that everything we create at Zoios needs to deliver value and, in one way or another, make a difference in the world. Without creating value - work becomes meaningless.

Pleasure in part refers to Zoios’ vision of creating more joy at work. But it also refers to the fact that we need to start with ourselves. It needs to be fun and exciting to go to work at Zoios.

We need to make a difference.

Our mantra Produce with Purpose and Pleasure is among other things about taking responsibility. No single SDG (UN Global goal) is more important than others, but we have an explicit focus on, and need to make a difference in:

3. Promoting well-being.

Promote well-being by ensuring employees are heard, that work-related challenges are made visible and acted upon.

8. Ensuring decent jobs.

Ensure decent jobs by helping companies create an inclusive culture - among others for new generations and minorities.

10. Reducing inequality.

Reduce inequality by helping companies identify and make visible any differences in well-being or stress at work across age, gender or ethnicity.