Understand the entire Employee Experience and Reduce Turnover

Do more than just surveys - get insights into the entire Employee Experience with Zoios People Analytics™. Find new and data-driven ways to increase well-being and performance.

The preferred platform for those who bill hours from an office.


11 questions that just work (93% response rate every month)

Part of the recipe is intelligent, evidence-based surveys that are sent out every month - automatically.

    Proven questionnaire with impact
    People answer in just 1 min 53 sec


Easily share insights for managers to act on

Get insights every month without having to send surveys, reminders, anonymise, analyse and present data.

    Save weeks of work every year
    Get prioritised People-insights


Improve well-being and performance with less work

See exactly factors that needs work to make employees love your workplace (even more).

    Discover which factors are important
    Measure the impact of your initiatives


Avoid surprises with real-time insights

The modern HR manager measures business-critical metrics - regularly. So does every modern finance or marketing manager.

    Get HR metrics "delivered" every month
    Measure the impact and value of initiatives

Empowers HR and helps managers


Get '7 HR Experts' Focus for 2021' for free right now

    This short and sweet 10-page pragmatic guide with
    7 renowned HR and operations experts' focus for 2021

Always easy and successful onboarding

You don't need your IT department, and always get a good start with our counseling team.

Easy implementation

✓  You can easily implement the system without involving IT (with just one Excel file).

GDPR Compliant

✓  Our platform is GDPR compliant, and we will soon be certified to prove it.

Advice ad libitum

✓  We guarantee an easy implementation with support from our counselors.


See how other companies are using data for strategic HR

New technology can save you a lot of time and energy, so time can be spent creating a place where talent thrives, stays and performs.

    Get a walkthrough of the tool
    Seek inspiration in similar cases