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Use the most intuitive people analytics software on the market to measure well-being, eNPS and stress levels in your organization.

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Employee engagement is more complicated and important than ever.

4 in 5

HR professionals say that recruiting is harder than ever.


The cost for recruiting, onboarding and training someone new.


More remote work is changing ways of working for good.

And as you know... thriving employees is the key to growth.

Here are the common employee engagement challenges, we help you get rid of.

There isn't enough time to do these types of analysis.
Designing an intelligent questionnaire and collecting responses from employees is time consuming enough. Good analyses are cut short.
Impossible to act in time with just one yearly measure.
Most companies typically don't measure regularly. Because of that they are forced to act on sparse data, stay re-active and pray it works.
Turning insights into a People strategy is hard.
Even when you get to so some interesting insights it can be really challenging turning those insights into an actionable strategy.

Our people analytics can help you build a world-class workplace.

You get the right insights at the right time to prevent employees leaving.

A survey is automatically sent once a month to collect insights on well-being, stress and eNPS for you.

Track all metrics with custom reports. Maximize impact by analyzing campaign results and content performance easily.

To be proactive in a fast-paced world you need your data instantly. Zoios allows you to see what's going on as it happens.

Every month we have an advisory meeting where we help evaluate your data, decide on next steps and share best practices.

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People analytics enables you to create and benefit from the right people strategy.


You instantly get insights far beyond your regular surveys.

Leading people is not an exact science, but you can learn what works in your organization by tracking your initiatives and proving the value.

spend time where it matters.

See exactly which teams or department need work.

Which team are the most happy, which are the most stressed and how can we fix that challenge? Worry no more, we will tell you!


Share your insight with managers in 1 click.

It should never be a problem to share important information with the right people. And now all it takes is one click.


Measure both well-being stress and eNPS.

People analytics gives you access to valuable data and helps you make the right connections between well-being, stress and eNPS.


See the reasons why employees exit the company.

Automatically send out exit surveys and get qualified data on why your employees leave.

All your doubts, answered.

If you're have questions or are considering People Analytics for the first time, do not worry. We've got answers for your questions.
How long does it take to get started?

The short answer is a few hours but it depends on the size of your organization. Most companies with 50 employees are up and running in an hour whereas it takes a bit longer if you have a 500 employees we need to bulk-import.

When is the right time to begin measuring more?

Usually yesterday. Most companies regret not beginning earlier once they start. The insights are super valuable for creating a world class workplace, and will help you navigate employee well-being, engagement, stress and building out your employer branding.

How do I know if the questions are right for my company?

The framework of questions we ask has been tried and tested across many industries, sectors, nationalities and countries. Is it perfect? That's hard to say. But we have tested a number of alternative questions and nothing has come close to providing as much value (in terms of statistical variance explained).

Do I a get personal specialist to advise us on data and strategy?

Yes. You get your own certified advisor. Together you assess the strengths and challenges of your organization every month. Your advisor can help you understand the data, get up to speed, share advice and best practices from your industry recommend initiatives and next steps.

Can I see the platform live before deciding anything?

Of course. You are more than welcome to take the platform for a quick spin with demo data before deciding on anything. Furthermore, our team of certified advisors are ready to help you evaluate if Zoios is the right solution for your needs.

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We believe in human relations and human intuition but it should not stand alone. People analytics gives you the data and insight you need to win.