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Casper Ackermann

“ We suddenly save 4-5 hours of work every month. Plus, we get far better data! For me, it means more time to focus on actually improving well-being based on the insights we get. ”

Casper Ackermann
Founder & CEO


We did far to much manual work.

" Every other month, we manually send out a survey with a few questions. Most underestimate how much time goes into creating a good survey, sending it out, reminding employees, analyzing the data and generating insights.

In addition, it was difficult to translate the answers into much more than statistics on how what our average answer or score was for each question… "

Now everything is 100% automated.

" We love automating processes and workflows. With Zoios our people data is 100% automated. Not we get high frequency insights without spreadsheets, doing analyses ourselves and, of course, we also get far more in-depth insights.

It's honestly a no-brainer if you take well-being and engagement seriously. "

More time to increase well-being

" We probably save 80 hours a year and get better data. We are a consultancy so image how much cost savings that equate to.

In my opinion, companies should not even try to build anything themselves. With Zoios you can get it faster, better and cheaper. "

Company size
20 - 50
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Primary goal
Save time

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