Intuitive people analytics.

Stop guessing how your employees feel.

There is no need to be guessing, and worrying all the time. Use Zoios to get real-time actions that will help you create an organization where employees thrive.

Casper Ackerman, Founder & CEO @ Ackerman
“ We suddenly save 4-5 hours of work every month. Plus, we get far better data! For me, it means more time to focus on actually improving well-being based on the insights we get. ”
Amalie Dupond Holdt, Head of People & Culture @ Likvido
" As a software scaleup, it's crucial for our growth that we can attract and retain the most talented people within our field. Therefore, data and analytics has become an important part of our decision-making processes in relation to our focus on well-being and contributing to a great place to work and grow. "
Anita Hørdum, HR Chef & Partner @ LEAD Agency.
" We do not have a formal hierarchy and the analyzes prove that our employees really thrive in that. But Zoios has still really helped us identify the areas where we can, and should, strive to improve. "
See how zoios works.

How we solve your people challenges!

Takes under 2 minutes.

All surveys are shot and none of them takes more than 2 minutes.

Evidence based surveys.

Your future surveys are based on tried and tested questions and proven frameworks.

Supports multiple languages.

What language do you prefer? We support most languages in the surveys.

Sendouts via email, SMS or slack.

You receive the surveys the way that suits you to ensure we keep a high answer rate.

Intelligent and dynamic.

Our survey knows when to ask one more question to get the full picture.

See comments from employees.

Let you employees add comments to their answers to really understand what they think.

Want to know more about the surveys? 

Feel free to reach out if you like to know more about what makes our survey so special.

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Data insights you can understand.

Our dashboard presents the data from the surveys in a logical and intuitive way.

Follow the development in real time.

Monthly surveys ensure you are constantly updated on important people metrics.

Automatic recommended actions.

The platform automatically proposes proven actions to your specific people challenges.

100% anonymous answers.

The platform is of course GDPR compliant and all answers are 100% anonymous.

Get insights into the full journey.

Access to automatic attraction, onboarding and exit analysis.

AI-powered insights.

AI-powered insights help you see the data in ways you never imagined.

Want a closer to look at the dashboard? 

We would love to walk you through the platform and see if it could be the right solution for you.

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You get a personal consultant.

Reach out to you personal consultant for help and meet up every month for an advisory meeting.

Helps train your managers.

The consultant will help you train your managers in using Zoios through effective and proven workshops.

Ensures a good implementation.

Your consultant will help you create a successful implementation.

Set the right people strategy.

Our consultants are well-educated and can help you set the right people strategy.

Supports you with the tech.

You can always reach out to your consultant, also if you have any questions concerning the more technical stuff.

Helps you interpret and use the data.

Together you will turn data and insight into to actionable and effective initiatives.

See how our consultant can support you!

Let's explore what you can gain from collaborating with one of our personal consultants.

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No more guessing.

We get you data-driven fast, so you can support and prove your decision with data.

Get better conversations.

The unique insights will enable more meaningful conversations with employees.

Prove your worth.

With data you can easily prove what initiatives works and prove the value you create.

Get instant stress notifications.

Detect stress with automatic notifications before it becomes an insurmountable problem.

Get proactive managers.

Enable your managers to take action based on the data and insight you find together.

Create a happier workplace.

Ultimately our goal is to help you create a thriving and performing workplace, that your employees love.

Let's see if we can make an impact together.

Are you interested in exploring if we could be the right match for you? Let's talk then! 

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BE PROACTIVE & Stop worrying.

Attract, engage and keep your employees.

Are you looking for platform that can help you overcome people and culture challenges? We combine human expertise with advanced data analytics to help you achieve the results you dream about.

Know how your employees really feel, in real-time.

High-frequency pulse surveys ensure you will tackle challenges before they turn into large problems.

Save time with automated surveys, analysis, and visuals.

Zoios don't consume your time. We save you time by removing the need for self-made surveys, Excel sheets, and PDF files.

See how your young-, remote- or female employees are doing.

Ensure you live up to your ESG and D&I standards by looking at unique segments across departments and teams.

Create even better people leaders.

We prepare your managers for using the new insights for their team by hosting exclusive manager workshops.

Track how changes like war and crisis affect your employees.

Become aware of how external events affect the mood and well-being of your employees.

Set the right team with our personality overview.

Understand which kind of talents you need in the team and increase the number of successful hires.


Why the best workplaces choose us.

You plug in and it just works.
You get a personal consultant.
You elevate HR to a strategic level.
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Isn't it time we take action?

Stop guessing how your employees feel. Start measuring what matters.
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